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Are there any barakamon fans out there? I’m confused. I finished the 25 chapters and apparently that’s all there is but the cover says those are vol 1-3 yet I’ve found info saying that there are 9 volumes and I’ve seen their covers but there are nowhere to be found. Why? Are the 25 chapters really it?




This gallant little boy comforted a classmate on her first day of preschool, and we’re not getting over it ever. 

See the full video here.


they’re so cute my heart can’t take it

bold what you prefer.


harry or ron or hermione

voldemort or umbridge or bellatrix    (cause i hate her the most)

james or sirius or remus or peter    

mcgonagall or dumbledore or hagrid   

dobby or kreacher or winky   (in a heartbeat)

luna or ginny or cho    (luna forever)

hedwig or errol or pigwidgeon or hermes

quaffle or bludger or snitch (pretty @_@)

gryffindor or ravenclaw or slytherin or hufflepuff 

hallows or horcruxes

hogwarts or beauxbatons or durmstrang (home)

elder wand or invisibility cloak or resurrection stone

O.W.L.s or N.E.W.T.s (for no actual reason)

quirrell or lockhart or lupin or moody or umbridge or snape or carrow

crabbe or goyle

book 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 (i always read them all)

fred or and george (fixed it)

romione or dramione or snamione or harmony or other (the first ship i shiped that wasnt a canon ship - oh the memories)

owl or cat or toad

draco or harry 

felix felicis or amortentia or polyjuice potion 

krum or fleur or cedric (I fell for Krum the last time i read the books for some strange reason i cant remember now)

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This flower shaped confetti contains flower seeds that grow into wildflowers. It is hand made and biodegradable so it leaves no waste. Via

This is actually kinda perfect for outdoor weddings omg

casually reblogging this entire tag lol whoop

you could have your wedding in an empty space next to your house and have a garden to commemorate your marriage omg


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UV Glow Galaxy Print Cap Sleeve Fit and Flare by CoquetryClothing


UV Glow Galaxy Print Cap Sleeve Fit and Flare by CoquetryClothing

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Vøringfossen Dawn, Eidfjord, Norway, by Stephen Emerson,


Vøringfossen Dawn, Eidfjord, Norway, by Stephen Emerson,

"We went on one date, I met her at the post office, we had a coffee. I wasn’t interested in pursuing things further, I told her that, very clearly. I started receiving phone calls, facebook messages, texts, e-mails, she showed up at my house. I made it clear to her that her advances were unwanted, and then I began receiving threats. I changed my phone number, my e-mail account and I moved. Twice. Each time she found me. When I started dating my current girlfriend, Angela, she showed up at Atlantic City where we had gone for the weekend. She left notes on my car, she threw trash on my lawn, she left voice-mails yelling about how I wasn’t helping enough with the dog. I don’t even have a dog. And then she threatened to strangle Angela, that’s when I got a restraining order. We found a home-made explosive device under Angela’s car."

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Game of Thrones Cast SDCC 2014 Portraits by Entertainment Weekly (x)

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let’s play Did I Always Have That Personality Trait Or Did I Absorb It From A Character?

Bonus round: wait one fucking second isn’t that something my friend says and now I’m saying it too

and then there’s my favorite: Did I Get That From My Friend Or Did They Get It From Me?